Norbert Kiss


Norbert Kiss is a double FIA ETRC champion, one of the most successful Hungarian speed car racers.

Beginnings – from simulators to the year’s speed racer’s title

He began racing by a car simulator game, Live for Speed. It was on the basis of his successes achieved by computer car simulators that he attracted everyone’s attention in 2005. He competed in the Opel Astra Cup in a fraction season, he won 4 times; at the end of the year he was elected the Young Talent of the Year. Then in 2006 during his first attempt he won the then most serious brand cup of our country, Renault Clio Cup. In this series during the year he gained a victory 10 times and only once was he not able to earn a spot on the awards stand. At the end of this year, he was elected the Speed Car Racer of the Year. In 2007 he raced in the then launched Hungarian SEAT Leon Cup/Magyar SEAT León Kupa in the colours of IMC motorsport, and he won it before Wéber Gábor.


Among the best in numerous categories

In 2008 the success series continued, although he had to fight with two strong opponents, in addition to Wéber, Michelisz Norbert also raced here. At the end of the year he could again celebrate the champion’s title. In the following year, 2009 he raced in two categories, in Suzuki Swift Cup and in category E among formula cars, with Formula Renault. He managed to win the Suzuki Cup (with 8 victories), in the Formula Renault group he became the first as well; and in the absolute evaluation he won the second place. In 2010 in the colours of Zengő Motorsport he raced in the Spanish SEAT León Supercopa in a fraction season; the results were 1 victory, 2 second places and several good places. In the total ranking he was placed third, behind Carol and Nogues, but as the car was seriously damaged in Jerez, at the closing weekend he could not appear at the starting line, so finally he finished in the sixth place in the total ranking. In 2014 and 2015 he became the champion of FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

Norbert Kiss several times strengthened our team; he entered for Endurance races in grand touring car category together with Edina Bús.




B3 Racing takes part with 2 SEAT Leon Cup Racers in the sprint races of the Grand Touring Car (2000+) category of the Hankook Auto Speed National Championship to be organised by the MNASZ.

Our racers:

Edina Bús


  • Mobil 1 Opel Astra Kupa, 4 wins, 5th
  • Newcomer of The Year


  • Shell V-Power Renault Clio Cup champion, 10 wins
  • Trial-Speed Race of The Year


  • Hungarian SEAT Leóon Supercup champion, 8 wins
  • Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup race,  16th


  • SEAT Leon Supercup champion, 4 wins, 4 times 2nd, once 3rd, 1 outage


  • Genex Suzuki Swift Cupo champion, 8 wins, once 3rd, 1 outage
  • Unionism formula cars (E group) championship - 2nd
  • Champion of Formula Renault Group


  • Spanish SEAT Leon Supercup - 6th



  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship - 10th


  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2013 - 4th


  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship - 2014 Champion


  • FIA European Truck Racing Championship - 2015 Champion