Mato Homola

“Hi! I’m Mato Homola and I race in TCR International Series with SEAT Leon Cup Racer in B3 Racing Team. I’m living my dream and you are part of it. Never give up!“


2016 TCR & SEAT Leon Cup Racer TCR

In 2016, Mato joined the world championship. After one time appear in WTCC in 2015, Mato and his team decided to enter in 2016 a progressive championship with great race driver – TCR International Series. Mato will race in 11 countries around the world, from which 3 races will take part during Formula 1 Race Weekend. Very exciting time.

2015 SEAT Leon Cup Racer

In 2015, Team Homola Motorsport has joined SEAT Slovakia, therefore Mato Homola will drive SEAT Leon Cup Racer with 2-litre turbocharged engine with 330 PS. Mato, as ambassador of SEAT in Slovakia, will compete in FIA ETCC in Single-Make-Trophy category with an option to race in other racing series.

2014 New BMW 320TC WTCC

In 2014, Team Homola Motorsport with Mato Homola bought better and quicker car from WTCC 2013 – BMW 320 TC WTCC. This car helped Mato to get his second overall win in FIA ETCC 2014.



2013 2nd in FIA ETCC

In 2013, Mato Homola with the Team Homola Motorsport completed his first full FIA ETCC season with BMW 320si WTCC. There weren’t any huge expectations in the begining of the season. Three race wins, four 2nd places in a season proved that young talented Mato is very strong in very competitive championship – FIA ETCC. He managed to fight for the Championship Title until last race in Brno, where he became “vice champion” of FIA ETCC in S2000 class in 2013 season. This great result and season gave Mato many experience and huge motivation for 2014 racing season.

2012 BMW 320SI WTCC

In 2012, Team Homola Motorsport bought the fastest WTCC car with 2-litre aspirated engine, BMW 320si WTCC. Mato, as the first race driver from Slovakia, entered the FIA ETCC championship. At the first event, on hometrack at Slovakia Ring, Mato claimed twice 3rd position. It resulted in 3rd place overall and Mato was first Slovak driver who stood on FIA ETCC podium. During another event in Salzburgring Mato had serious problem with engine and so the team made a decision to continue in Slovak Circuit Championship, where Mato finished 2nd overall in class under 2000 ccm.


2011 Dominated in car racing

In 2011, Mato completely dominated in Slovak Circuit Championship in D4 up to 2000 ccm class as well as in FIA Central European Zone Circuit Trophy. With Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC he managed to score many victories and with many points he became the youngest Slovak Champion in D4 up to 2000 ccm. In November 2012, Mato went to Sarajevo, where he got the price trophy from the hands of FIA President, Jean Todt, as champion of FIA Central European Zone Circuit Trophy (up to 2000ccm class).


2010 Car Racing

In 2010, after a few car racing testing days, Team Homola Motorsport decided to enter Slovak circuit championship with 16-years old Mato Homola and Skoda Fabia 1,4 Kit Car. Even though, Mato completed only the second half of the session, it was enough to claim overall 2nd place in class under 1400 ccm. After this success, the team completely shifted from karting towards car racing, and that was a great move!

2008-2010 Karting

From 2008 till 2010, Mato was racing in Slovak and Czech Karting Championships. Mato was 14 when he started with go-karts, what was considerably quite late when comparing with his competitors, who were racing sice they were 7. But Mato was learning very quickly and his talent couldn’t be unnoticed. With stronger competitors every year, Mato finished every year on 5th place overall in Rotax Max Junior class. Mato learned a lot in karting, and he was ready to use his hands-on-experience in car racing.



4th in FIA ETCC 2015

SEAT Leon Cup Racer


2nd in FIA ETCC 2014



2nd in FIA ETCC 2013

BMW 320si E90 WTCC


2nd in FIA ETCC National Throphy

BMW 320si E90 WTCC


2nd in Slovak Circuit Championship in > 2000 cm3

BMW 320si E90 WTCC


1st in Slovak Circuit Championship in > 2000 cm3

Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC


1st in FIA CEZ Circuit Trophy

Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC


1st in Castrol Cup in Junior Group

Alfa Romeo 156 WTCC


2nd in Slovak Circuit Championship in > 1400 cm3

Skoda Fabia 1.4 KitCar


3rd in Slovak Circuit Championship in Junior Group

Skoda Fabia 1.4 KitCar


4th in Czech Circuit Championship in > 1400 cm3

Skoda Fabia 1.4 KitCar


5th in Slovak Karting Championship in Rotax Max Junior



5th in Slovak Karting Championship in Rotax Max Junior



5th in Slovak Karting Championship in Rotax Max Junior