Edina Bús


Beginnings- Suzuki

Edina Bús started her racer career in 2006 in the Opel Astra Cup, which she joined at the end of the season and could take part only in a few races. She began the next season already in the Suzuki Swift Cup, as numerous other successful pilots, where she was the only woman at the starting line. In 2010 she participated in this cup series, her best result was the 4th place at the end of the year.

In 2010 she and her two brothers founded their own team, B3 Racing, which has developed into one of the most successful teams of Hungary since then.


Lotus Ladies Cup – 2 champion’s titles

The Lotus Ladies Cup created specially for ladies was launched in 2011, where Edina immediately won the champion’s title. She entered for the WSR, WTCC and FORMULA 1 intermediate heats, and achieved the 1st place in all of them; this is the series that she considers one of the most successful periods of her career and she is the most proud of. In this year she could test a Formula Master in a race, by which she got to the finishing line in the 2nd place.


In 2012 she defended the champion’s title at the expense of great fights, so she became double Hungarian champion. Also in this year, she and Ferencz Ficza entered for the other intermediate heat of the WTCC (Lotus Ladies Cup was one of them), this was the Russian Lada Granta Cup where in a highly exciting competition they got to the finishing line in the 1st place; the Russians have kept on mentioning this heat ever since.


Grand touring car

In 2013 Edina took a huge step, behind the steering wheel of Ferrari F430 GT3 she took part in the Hungarian championship in Endurance category – unfortunately, she was struggling with numerous technical problems during the year, but she and her fellow team member Norbi Kiss were placed third in the total ranking in the championship. When for technical problems she could not race with the 530 h.p. Ferrari, the team did not leave her without a car, together with Ferenc Ficza she could enter for the race with a Seat Leon – also in Endurance category – they won this competition as well.

At the end of 2013, she received an invitation from a former Formula 1 pilot, Karun Chandhok to India where at the end of November she could race in the Polo Cup famous there with Lotus Ladies Cup girls. Given some technical problems, here she was placed third.

International performance

In 2014 the dream came true, she could race abroad in a very serious series; it was the Seat Leon Eurocup where she became the fellow team member of Gábor Wéber. It was a great challenge since she knew neither the car, nor the circuits (only on simulator); so a lesson to do was given. She learned a lot in this year, and she enjoyed it very much, even if she was not as successful as in former years.

In 2015 she continued her career also in the field of SEAT Leon Eurocup where her fellow team members included Dominik Fekete, Attila Tassi and Norbi Kiss. It was a hard year, with a lot of technical problems, unfortunate races; yet, she managed to earn a spot on the awards stand, which compensated her for everything.

In the 2016 season, investing more energy, with renewed force, she is starting racing in the colours of B3 Racing.

2006 Opel Astra Cup, 7. place
2007 Suzuki Swift Cup, 17.place
2008 Suzuki Swift Cup, 4. place
2009 Suzuki Swift Cup, 9. place
2010 Suzuki Swift Cup, 4. place
2011 Lotus Ladies Cup, 1. place
2012 Lotus Ladies Cup, 1. place
2012 Lada Granta Cup, 1. place
2013 Endurance (Ferrari F430 GT3) 1. place (multiple 3. place)